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The performance "WOMAN and NATURE" was created during the Venice Biennale 2013.
The project describes the relationship between feminism and ecology, the mystical connection between woman and nature also called ECO FEMINISM. Woman and nature have a shared history of oppression by a patriarchal western society. Both are used and abused and cloth to extinction in a male system.

Woman is Nature, surprising, marvelous, implacable, full of colour.
Woman is tremendous like her essence of her being.
She incarnates Earth and Sea.

Woman is primordial.
She embodies the vitality of plants, algae, shells, animals, clouds, sun, stars, sea and sky.

As she is the soul of the earth and of life itself – she is all-powerful like thunder, lightning, or the waves of the ocean. She is a force of pure energy, neither good nor evil. She exists beyond human moral judgment.

Woman is the strength that can change the world.fiora gandolfi

Desponsamus te, mare